Tyne Valley Film Festival is a community programmed film festival. This year we  have 30 screenings across 14 unique venues in the Tyne Valley. We are a true celebration of cinema, bringing the magic of film to more people in the Tyne Valley.

After launching the festival in 2019, Forum Cinema Hexham are proud to present the second Tyne Valley Film Festival, a community programmed film festival which will bring together rural film clubs, venues and community organisations for a celebration of film.


Between 19-29 March, 30 screenings will take place across 14 unique venues with a truly diverse range of films spanning the entire history of cinema, from pre-sound classics to contemporary foreign language releases, and everything in between.

Partners + Sponsors

Forum Cinema would like to thank all of the film clubs, venues and community organisations who make Tyne Valley Film Festival happen.

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Tyne Valley Film Festival is supported by Forum Cinema Hexham and Northumberland County Council, and is part of Great Northumberland’s Winter Festival 2020.

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