Phantom of the Opera

With live organ accompaniment

Hexham Abbey   /   Saturday 21st March 

Screening of a special restoration of the 1929 reissue of The Phantom of the Opera inside Hexham Abbey with live organ accompaniment by Jonathan Eyre.

Directed by Rupert Julian, and based on a novel by Gaston Leroux, classic silent horror masterpiece The Phantom of the Opera stars Lon Chaney, in one of his most grotesque performances as the crazed man without a face, who lives in the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, and falls in love with the voice of a young opera singer.


Infatuated, he kidnaps her, dragging her to the depths below where she will sing only for him.


When and where

  • Date: 21 March

  • Time: 19:30

  • Price: £15

  • Venue: Hexham Abbey


Book tickets

Tickets available from Forum Cinema Hexham.  

Hexham Abbey, Beaumont Street, NE46 3NB.

​About the film

  • Year: 1929

  • Director: Rupert Julian

  • Country: USA

  • Run Time: 91 mins

  • BBFC: PG

  • Black / white and tinted silent film with live organ score.

Accompaniment by:​


Jonathan Eyre is an organist well-known for his inspiring and engaging live soundtracks to silent films and has performed in churches and cathedrals up and down the country.

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